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IN AUTUMN “Reborn” /CD/

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    Band: IN AUTUMN
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Debut full-length album by the Italian Doom/Post-Metal band.
With subtle emotive artwork the album has gotten off to a good start and the opening moments of “Mind and Beast” hint at a band who use powerful riffs but also deep and varied amounts of melody in order to create an album that touches upon both raw energy and subtle grace.
“Reborn” is certainly not an album to be bogged down in the mundane or one dimensional and things jump from place to place with great ease. One moment you are being treated to some old school Heavy Metal, the next you could be listening to the bizarre sing song styling of a “Nightmare Before Christmas” like pantomime.
At other times “Reborn” is quite simply a pleasing and flowing melodic record that is extremely easy on the ears. A progressive, smooth, mellow and accomplished album by a band which obviously take great care and pride in their work, whether it is the music or the accompanying art.
Buil2Kill Records/Live Tribe Music, 2013 (B2K_0035). Made in Italy. First press.

1. Mind and Beast     05:36
2. Draw on the Mirror     06:36
3. Rust     05:30
4. Silent Watchers     06:40
5. Elevation     02:49 
6. Reborn     08:03
7. Uno Sguardo Verso Il Cielo     04:29
8. The Thin Line     07:53
9. Circles in the Water     05:24
Total playing time: 53:00

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