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HOTH “The Black Goddess Return” /CD/

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    Band: HOTH
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The fourth full-length album by Portuguese Black/Thrash Metal one-man band.
Formed in 1988 as a project by Jose Afonso (Decayed, Alastor, Thugnor, Nethermancy), this is the third CD under the name of Hoth.
To be honest, this isn't a very Black Metal album at all. This has more in common with Death and Thrash Metal, pounding riffs and solid hi speed drum work over a Melodic Death Metal styled vocal, throw in the occasional bit of keyboard work and a few great guitar solos.
It’s rare to hear a band playing Black/Thrash Metal of this caliber at such low speeds, but J.A. of Hoth utterly nails it. This solo artist plays the kind of intentionally anachronistic riffs you’d hear from some basement Black Metal bands from the mid ’90s, but with such conviction and boldness that it gets you up and moving right away. And J.A. knows how to shred a guitar solo apart. These are good old Rock 'n' Roll solos that rise like an infernal battle banner above Hoth’s Thrashy dissonance.
"The Black Goddess Return" isn’t reinventing the genre, but when it comes to Black/Thrash Metal, the old ways are always best. Draw your sword, raise the horns and bang your f***ing head!!
Iron, Blood & Death Corporation, 2015 (IBDC666037). Made in Mexico. Pressed in USA. First press.

1. The Reaping Intro 01:44 
2. Angel Slayer 04:25 
3. Words of Old 05:38 
4. Real of Fire 04:30 
5. Upon the Sacred Hill 04:49 
6. The Hellrider 05:11 
7. Celebration of Bastet 04:09 
8. Shades of Black 04:40 
9. God of Wrath 07:36 
10. The Dragons Breath 03:20 
11. The Black Goddes 06:15 
12. Demons Enthral All Deceivers 08:31
Total playing time: 60:48

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