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HIRAX “The New Age Of Terror” /CD + DVD/

  • HIRAX “The New Age Of Terror” /CD + DVD/

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    Band: HIRAX
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Re-release of the third full-length album by the cult American Thrash Metal band.
The band continues in the same vein as previous records, but with a more technical approach... as well as, adding more crunch and heaviness to their music, always forging forward to create a faster and heavier style of their own.
Old school thrash is what Hirax is all about. “The New Age of Terror” should bring you back to the eighties during the time when the Bay area Thrash sound had just started to escalate. Fast, aggressive Metal riffs cover the album, and should get any fan of Thrash an awaking. This Thrash attack has so many enticing riffs the crowd has to go insane in the mosh pits during their shows. The leads get you right into each song and if that still didn’t entice your ears, there are solos that dance all over this album. If you haven’t heard Katon W. De Pena sing before, he has a similar vocal style and power of Paul Baloff of Exodus. That’s probably the only one even close to his style. All of this CD’s elements are Thrash…eleven tracks and a little bit over thirty-seven minutes worth.
"The New Age Of Terror" is a pure, glorious, just-about perfect Thrash album that sounds like it could have been written in the genre's golden era, yet does not sound dated. The songs are catchy and heavy, with a fine balance of groove and speed. Pummeling, epic-power Thrash-attack only Hirax can deliver, this thing just plain kills. Make no comparisons, but it feels like listening to the first Slayer LP for the first time! All the false money makers are dead and gone, and the old demons are here again to rule the world!! Overkill, Testament, Exodus and now Hirax are among the most important. Eleven tracks of the best possible Thrash, powerful and straight to the point, with great and fast guitar leads, not far from Exodus' music, and probably the best Thrash record of the year!!! Killer!!!!
Bonus DVD includes 100 minutes of live performances, including shows in the US and Europe plus interviews with the band.
Black Devil Records/Thrash Corner Records, 2004/2008 (THCR021). Made in USA. Pressed in Canada.

1. Kill Switch     3:46 
2. Hostile Territory     1:45 
3. The New Age Of Terror     4:54 
4. Swords Of Steel     3:59 
5. Into The Ruins     0:46 
6. Massacre Of The Innocent     1:41 
7. Hell On Earth     4:23 
8. Suffer     3:38 
9. El Dia De Los Muertos(The Day Of The Dead)     2:13 
10. El Diablo Negro     4:14 
11. Unleash The Dogs Of War(Open The Gates)     5:56
Total playing time: 37:15

BONUS DVD: Includes over 100 minutes of live performances, including shows in the USA and Europe plus interview clips with the band!

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