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The third full-length album by French Southern/Classic Rock/Blues Rock band.
Will Lester, Pascal Boy, Bob Franks and Phil Sun come from the South, love BBQ, beer, sweat and like to swing in their spare time the Confederate flag - how to be a real Southern Rocker equally makes. The south is true, but the beer gives way to the red wine, because the band comes surprisingly from an indomitable village near Bordeaux and making there for over 15 years resistance! What the album locally saves despite strong parallels, is primarily the freshness and versatility of the band, which can be overlooked at any time crafted fully convinced and so good about the fact that the big hooks and distinctive sites should like to be more pronounced.
These Frenchmen with the droll pseudonyms committed to the title of her latest disc according to a halfway house of Blues and Classic Rock. Moreover album includes elements of Blues, Funk, organ parts and even Boogie! The music of this band is breathing at any time the spirit of their predominantly American models and showered us with a soothing blend of warm, wide smacking guitars, fat pig organs and a stoic rhythm section. Reaching far beyond the confines of traditional Blues, “Somewhere In The Middle” is a celebration of the band’s passion for Classic Rock and Soul, with a seventies Twist featured on every track. Epic guitar/organ duels, solid rhythm section that blends power and feels, passionate jams and warm vocals make this album a perfect follow-up to “Visions of Diversity” (2007).
An excellent Southern/Blues/Hard Rock album for fans of: Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin, etc. Also fans of Black Crowes will love it for sure!!
Brennus Music, 2012 (BR 8238). Made in France. First press.

1. Celebrate 5:24
2. Second Chance 5:29
3. Somewhere In The Middle 6:38
4. Get Back Home 6:34
5. Deadly Star 5:42
6. My Father Said 6:20
7. Trail Of Tears 5:58
8. After The Winter 8:07
9. Bread And Games 5:47
10. In Each Of Us 5:39
Total playing time: 61:38


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