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GEMISUADI "Live Like An Animal, Fuck Like An Animal" /CD/

  • GEMISUADI "Live Like An Animal, Fuck Like An Animal" /CD/

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Death/Grind from Ohio, USA.
The band's style is one that blends your straight forward grindcore blasts and classic riffing sensibilities with slower mosh styled rhythms, obligatory pinch harmonic riffs (thankfully not too over the top), some quirkier patterns or rare technical runs, etc. - all topped off by a dual vocal attack of high screams and lower shouting.
Amputated Vein Records, 2004 (AVR007)

1.Mary Magdeline And The Three Apostles 01:11
2.Pooped Pants And Crapped Cunts 01:00
3.Pus And Dick Party 01:11
4.Con 01:28
5.Take Me To The Moon 01:45
6.We Are 00:48
7.Sucking Dick In Bethlehem 01:27
8.Pussies, Dicks And Clits 01:23
9.You Care 01:10
10.Cream And Sugar 01:17
11.March 26, 1996 01:35
12.Eat My Dong 00:36
13.Two Guys Sucking One Cock 00:36
14.Red Wine And Clitties 01:17
15.The Living From Fiasco 01:06
16.Ok 01:43
17.Light Show 01:08
18.C.C. Deville And The Damshell In Distress 00:35
19.#$%& 01:48
20.Alright 00:41
21.Demi 02:03
22.Guess 01:37
23.Left Right 01:15
24.The Letter "B" 00:33

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