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Second re-release of the debut full-length album by the cult American Melodic Hard Rock/Glam Metal band.
FireHouse shows their talent with several great songs with a new, signature sound which would later help them rise to fame. As with many bands, the lead singer is pretty much who defines the band. In this case, C.J. Snare is FireHouse. His vocals are very unique, and helps bring a great new name to 80's Hard Rock music.
The album kicks off with "Rock On The Radio", a moderate paced song with a unique intro to the song, album, and the band. The next song spawned a major hit for the band: "All She Wrote". This is a really awesome song, and it's one of the songs that really helped FireHouse find their sound. "Shake And Tumble" is a pretty decent song, with a nice upbeat sound and great guitar work. The next song also was a major hit for FireHouse, called "Don't Treat Me Bad". This song has an intro similar to Ratt's "Back For More", with an acoustic beginning and then a switch to electric guitars. "Oughta Be A Law" is a pretty fast paced song, and has a sound quality similar to "Rock On The Radio". The same can be said for the next track on the album, "Lover's Lane". The album returns back to their infamous sound with "Home Is Where The Heart Is". This song is extremely similar to "All She Wrote" sound wise. Then the album begins to slow down with "Don't Walk Away", a track with a haunting, pounding guitar beat. The next song is a quick acoustic instrumental, "Seasons Of Change". Then, the album kicks back into the Heavy Rock sound with "Overnight Sensation", which is similar in sound to "Rock On The Radio" as well. We then return back to the FireHouse signature sounding music with the hit "Love Of A Lifetime", a slow, yet great Rock song. To end the album, FireHouse gives us "Helpless", a great song that's very similar to "All She Wrote" with the tempo and overall sound. The album overall is very great! Each song is an individual hit.
"Firehouse" spawned four singles, "Shake & Tumble", "Don't Treat Me Bad", "All She Wrote", and the band's signature power ballad, "Love of a Lifetime". The song "Don't Walk Away" was used in a scene of the 2008 movie "The Wrestler", directed by Darren Aronofsky. Additionally, "Overnight Sensation" was a part of the soundtrack in the video game "Brütal Legend". The true strength of the record was the band's knack for power ballads like the Top 10 hit "Love of a Lifetime", considered as “Number One Wedding Song”.
The album was certified double Platinum in the United States, and Gold in Canada, Japan and Singapore.
FireHouse's debut is a really amazing album. C.J. Snare provides a new, unique sound to FireHouse's music. The album gives a unique range of different genre songs, such as Hard Rock and Glam Metal. FireHouse presents a new, unique addition to the Hard Rock and Glam Metal scene! Any Hard Rock lover should have no problem finding something they like on this album!!
Sony Music Entertainment Inc./4Worlds Media Ltd./EastWorld Recodrs, 1990/2012 (EW0104CD). Made in UK.

1. Rock On The Radio 4:45
2. All She Wrote 4:27
3. Shake & Tumble 3:30
4. Don't Tread Me Bad 3:55
5. Oughta Be A Law 3:54
6. Lover's Lane 4:02
7. Home Is Where The Heart Is 4:48
8. Don't Walk Away 4:31
9. Seasons Of Change 1:29
10. Overnight Sensation 3:56
11. Love Of A Lifetime 3:46
12. Helpless 4:25
Total playing time: 47:28

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