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DREAM EVIL "The First Chapter" /CD Single/

  • DREAM EVIL "The First Chapter" /CD Single/

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First Single of Swedish Heavy/Power Metal band.
The advance single for the upcoming album “The Book Of Heavy Metal” (May, 31st) released on April, 26th. In fact, Dream Evil, much like loin-clothed Metal Warriors Manowar, cares not for the latter category of sniveling vermin! No sir, their mission to metalizing the realm is fueled by far grander ambitions and deeper commitments than those non-believers could possibly fathom. Or so one would gather from the meaty staccato riffs, dazzling guitar solos and soaring vocals (everything classic Metal is known and loved for) to be found in this über-metallic offering. Noted Metal producer Fredrik Nordström is the main architect of Dream Evil's castle, it's also embattled by bassist Peter Stalfors and legendary drummer Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Notre Dame, etc.), as well as Greek guitar-shredding sub-legend Gus G. (Mystic Prophecy, Firewind, etc.). Also to their credit, Dream Evil doesn't pave their glorious road with the easy but by now rote clichés of Power Metal. There's virtually zero Thrash-like Speed to be found here, and actually come closest to old-school Hard Rock than later-day Metal for inspiration.
Fans of Judas Priest, Dio, and especially Manowar will likely find themselves lapping up this EP, and the fact that the members of Dream Evil often have their tongues planted firmly in cheek should also forgive most of their excesses in the name of Metal!!!
Century Media, 2004 (77525-3). Made in Germany.

1. The Book Of Heavy Metal (edit) 03:48
2. Tired 03:49
3. Point Of No Return 03:51
Total playing time: 11:31

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