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DOMAIN (Pl) “Pandemonium” /CD/

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    Band: DOMAIN
    Country: Poland
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First re-release of the debut full-length album by cult Polish Black/Death Metal band.
Domain (Pandemonium) are the legend of Polish Underground scene. The band originally formed under the name Pandemonium, but because of problems with band name caused of line-up changes, they changed the name to Domain in 1995. Band went back to using the name Pandemonium in 2004. Therefore, we can call it as a second full-length of Pandemonium.
Domain, after problems with the Pandemonium name, in 1995 released ironically named debut “Pandemonium”. These ten songs are great continuation of the musical path what has chosen in 1989 by the band: Death/Black Metal forged in the dark, raw sound. On this album, we can hear how much Celtic Frost influenced on Paul & co. Dark, profane, demonic lyrics beating in concept of religion. 
Domain and “Pandemonium” is the piece of history that can’t be forgotten. A musthave for all fans of Old School Metal!!
Old Temple, 1995/2016 (OLD .97.). Made in Poland. All copies are hand-numbered.

1. The Beginning 
2. Blood Of God 
3. Immemorial Legend 
4. Sword Into Heart Of Lies 
5. The Calling 
6. Hagia Sophia 
7. Lost Preexistence 
8. Mirror Of Hate 
9. Somewhere Above 
10. Lost Preexistence (Remix)
Total playing time: 36:10 min.


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