DIMENTIANON "Collapse The Void" /CD/

Turbulent mixture of black, death and doom metal which has become a trade mark of DIMENTIANON (USA). "Collapse The Void" is one of the sharpest underground metal albums released so far this year, a task that is an accomplishment in itself considering the enormous size of the scene. Parago..


DIMENTIANON "Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum" /CD/

Melodic Blackened Death Metal from USA Non Compos Mentis Records, 2007 Tracklist: 01 Your Flesh is Mine to Exploit 02 Terriblis est Locus Iste 03 Bloodshed from a Black Rose 04 To be Crowned King and Stabbed to Death 05 Human Rot 06 Dawn ov Shadows 07 Netzach 08 Azrael 09 To Return th..


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