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DARKFALL "Road To Redemption" /CD/

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    Band: DARKFALL
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Debut full-length album by Austrian Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band.
1995 was the year that began the path of Metal for Darkfall, but this is the first full-length release they have released in that time. The wait was well worth it being that all the elements of style are throughout the songs. 11 tracks totaling 52 minutes of hardened Thrash Metal mixed with a Groove of influence from Death and Black Metal from the old school days. This is not an old school record though. The production is a buzzsaw and the offering itself keeps things evil, fast, powerful, and interesting.
"Misery of Peace", "Fading Away" and "Peacemaker" all throw down on fast and blasting starts that just keep crushing you from start to finish! All 11 tracks deliver something interesting and fresh in their own way and Darkfall will not disappoint when you check them out. 11 heavy, brutal and without compromises songs, mastered by Andy Classen. Songs like "War Has Come", "The Gods Await" and "Never Ending Hate" are clearly made for fist banging, crowd shout outs, and neck snapping headbanging. It’s definitely music for muthas! For fans of all types and hopefully Darkfall won't wait so long before they come out with another release in the future.  52 minutes of good Thrash laden Metal people!!
Noisehead Records, 2013 (NHR2013). Made in Austria. Pressed in UK. First press.

1. Road To Redemption (Intro)     2:12 
2. Misery Of Peace     5:02 
3. War Has Come     6:03 
4. Fading Away     4:08 
5. Phoenix Rising     3:55 
6. The Gods Await     4:56 
7. Never Ending Hate     4:27 
8. Rise To Dominate     3:58 
9. Echoes From The Past     5:35 
10. Peacemaker     5:38 
11. Kill The Need MMXIII     6:11
Total playing time: 52:05


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