CREMASTER " Pümpernikel" /CD/

Re-release of the second full-length album by the Polish Thrash Metal/Crossover band. Do you wanna a something unusual, freaky and non-standard? This kind of funny ass-kicking shit is definitely for you! A sarcastic joke from Polish band based on Sepultura, Soulfly pumping rhythms, GWAR idiotic the..


CREMASTER "Słynna Praczka I Chór Wujów" /CD/

The fourth full-length album by Polish Thrash Metal/Crossover band. Humorous Crossover/Thrash Metal based on catchy riffs, sarcastic lyrics and idiotic presentation! Mad, absurd and iconoclastic Crossover/Thrash for fans of GWAR, Tankard or D.R.I.!! Defense Records/Mythrone Promotion, 2014 (DEFEN..


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