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CARAVELLUS “Knowledge Machine” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Brazilian Progressive Power Metal band.
Band was formed in 2002 by Glauber Oliveira – virtuous guitar player from Brazil. This was a studio project in the beginning that had participation of a couple musicians. After the first demos recordings (2002-2004), the line-up was completed. In September 2006 Caravellus was signed by Erpland Records and released their first album in March 2007. The musical concept of walking in the footsteps of great and virtuos bands like Symphony X, Dream Theater and Angra formed the band and helped them to become known in Japan. With an inspiring mix of Progressive Power Metal sound layered with Classical and Folk influences, Caravellus has brought along the right tools to create originality and adroitness, audacity and quality.
The band’s extraordinary musical talent, innovative songwriting and wonderful musicianship creates an immediate, emotional impact on even the most selective of listener. In the "Knowledge Machine", Caravellus brings the technical sophistication of Progressive Metal while transcending the genre by writing amazing songs with masterful musicality. The arrangements and song structures with highly technical, challenging instrumental work and unbelievable melodic vocal harmonies. With elements of thundering Metal, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Brazilian Folk rhythms, solos with unstoppable guitar shredding and intense keyboards.
The "Knowledge Machine" brings the featuring of two great vocalists: Dario Grillo and Ana Mladinovici. Bnad set out to write an album that was dark, melodic and progressive, as cohesive tracks that told a greater tale. "Knowledge Machine" is melodic and dark, but also back to the style Progressive and Brazilian roots. The virtuous and shred guitar of Glauber Oliveira together with bass riffs of Cleison Johann are accented by keyboard lines of Daniel Felix on top of drummer Pedro Nunes's constant precise drum beats that is crowned with awesome vocal of Raphel Dantas.
Metalodic Records, 2010 (MLC001). Made in Canada. First press.

1. Deus Ex Machina     01:00
2. Corsairs in Black     07:12
3. When the Night Has Fallen     05:58
4. Beyond the Skies     07:07
5. The Divine Comedy     07:07
6. Behind the Mask     06:11 
7. Wherever I Am     03:09
8. Dance of Damnation     05:56 
9. Knowledge Machine     15:40
Total playing time: 59:20


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