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BOLTDOWN “Omnicide” /CD/

  • BOLTDOWN “Omnicide” /CD/

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    Band: BOLTDOWN
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Debut and only full-length album by the British Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band.
Combination of Groove-infected passages, occasional Thrash melodies and Metalcore breakdowns. An album firmly rooted in the Modern Metal slipstream, it nonetheless packs sufficient aggression, complexity and old-school touches to ensure an audience way beyond mallrats with bad haircuts. Vox are the usual throat lacerating variety, although higher-pitched Trivium-style vocals are adopted for the last two songs. This shift is inexplicable as these songs do not otherwise differ significantly from the preceding eight numbers (with the exception of the instrumental "Solitude" - no relation to the Black Sabbath song).
It should be patently clear that there are many bands indulging in a similar style, but Boltdown's attempt is solid enough to hold its own against many other up and comers!!
Dark Balance, 2008 (DB005). Made in Holland.

1. Deadlock     04:10
2. Act ... and the Mind Wil Follow     03:41 
3. Blind Faith     04:26
4. Beyond All Reason     04:08
5. Less Than Nothing     04:06
6. Solitude     03:21
7. Days Long Dead     04:02
8. Stigmartyr     04:43
9. Forced to Submit     03:56
10. The Last Chapter     04:47
Total playing time: 41:20

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