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BETOKEN "Dead Soul Insomnia" /CD/

  • BETOKEN "Dead Soul Insomnia" /CD/

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    Band: BETOKEN
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Second full-length album by the Italian Progressive Power Metal band.
Unlike most power metal bands, Betoken is metal that you can relax to. The vocals aren't soaring or extremely flamboyant, but instead they are laid back yet perky and stressed in time, alternating between male and female vocals while the dual guitars work impeccably in time to create crushing rhythms and flowing harmonies. The bass is deep and full, complimenting moderately technical drumming within the swirling aura of sound.
Old Ones Records, 2006 (OLD 1-002)

1. Hell Sweet Home 00:20
2. Don't Let You Die 02:47
3. This Is My Game 04:10
4. ...And The Pain Will Be My Grave 04:42
5. Dead Soul Insomnia 01:05
6. Alone 04:49
7. Will You Feel The Same 03:17
8. I Am The Dark 04:00
9. The Land Of Mirrors 03:40
10. Never Hamper A Slayer 02:35
11. Before The End 01:13
12. Just A Nightmare Away From Here 04:06
13. They Come To Show Us The Way 03:39
14. The Morbid Lover 04:09
15. Too Late To Forget 05:07
Bonus Track:
16. I Can Win 03:38
Total playing time: 53:17 

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