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AZTEC JADE "Paradise Lost" /Digipack CD/

  • AZTEC JADE "Paradise Lost" /Digipack CD/

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Compilation album by American Progressive Metal band.
This is a re-release of band’s two first albums, "Modern Prophet" and "Frame Of Mind", completely re-recorded (!!) + unreleased studio bonus track “Regatta Fugue, Part I” as one complete CD.
Great US Prog/Power Metal highlight! Sadly a real unknown gem. It's hard to compare Aztec Jade to any others, but we can hear here some influences from Kansas, Rush, Fates Warning and early Queensryche. Uninhibited by the normal trends prevalent in music today, Aztec Jade (from Albany, USA) has developed a unique chemistry of off time progressive rock rhythms, hooky choruses, and thought provoking lyrics tied together with colorful themes and imagery. Although many aspects of AZTEC JADE go against the current trends, the members continue to remain optimistic that their music will awaken minds to the wonders and possibilities of the world, while bringing color and imagination into today's music. Although self taught, all five musicians are technically highly skilled. The song writing is excellent, as usual, and the production is impeccable. However, don't look for ground-breaking innovations or long drawn-out technical solos here. The music of Aztec Jade is exciting but has no pretention except to provide some good clean fun. And it rocks!
This is a great album with some classy lyrics and a definite taste for progressiveness. Really great stuff that highly recommended to fans of Rush, Saga, Symphony X, old Queensryche or Crimson Glory as well as to anyone into Melodic Prog Metal!!
Adrenaline Records, 2000 (ADR00011). Made in Italy

1. Regatta Fugue Part I 04:02
2. The Calling 04:20
3. To Believe 05:14
4. Mad Not Crazy 04:18
5. Desperate Land 03:00
6. Nosferatu 04:39
7. Atlantis 04:27
8. Regatta Fugue Part II 03:27
9. Stained 04:19
10. Gates Of Babylon 04:17
11. Requiem 04:33
12. Modern Prophet 04:14
13. Dirty Secrets 03:38
14. Soul Inside Of Me 05:11
15. The Creator 03:16
16. Indian Summer 03:37
17. Odyssey 06:31
Total playing time: 73:03


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