AVENGER "Godless" /CD/

Czech Republic’s only real true Black Death Metal band. AVENGER plays early Swedish style death metal (NIHILIST, CARNAGE or TREBLINKA) with black metal overtones and a distinct eastern European twist. Memorable songs and heavy productions. Sure to please fans of Master's Hammer. Death..


AVENGER "Live at Open Hell Fest, 2003" /CD/

Black Death Metal band from Czech Republic Limited to 666 copies. 6 Avenger’s best songs + Hypocrisy cover Roswell 47 recorded July 25, 2003 at Open Hell Fest, Czech Republic. Deathgasm Records, 2004 (DG-020) Tracklist: 1.Forever Against 04:36 2.Not Possible to Forget 05:52 3.Even ..


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