ARKHAM 13 “Blood Fiend” /CD/

The third full-length album by American Thrash Metal/Hardcore band.
It’s Derek Neglets’s old school Thrash Metal band, with Death and Doom mixed with Hardcore intensity. “Bloodfiend” was supposed to come out years ago, but the band wasn’t lucky with labels. Recorded way back in 1999, after jugging between four different record labels, this long overdue and highly anticipated CD is finally out courtesy of Hellstone Records, Finland.
Very "early '90s NY underground" in approach and attitude! Masthave!!
Hellstone Records, 2009 (HTR022). Made in Finland. Pressed in Germany.

1. Bloodfiend     04:49
2. Unspeakable     05:24
3. Sins of the Dead     06:03
4. Sworn to Oppose     06:26
5. Wound That Never Heals     05:36
6. Statement of Revenge     05:22
7. Legions of Violence     04:03
8. Darkness Fails     04:03
9. All Loss     04:01
10. Off the Cuff     03:05
11. Crypts of Damnation     04:51
12. Peg Wrath     07:23
13. Invasion     05:19
Total playing time: 66:25

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