APOKEFALE “Revelation: Procreating Abhorrent Depths” /Digipack CD/

Third album of Russian Experimental Blackened Death Metal band.
Featured George Bokos (ROTTING CHRIST; ex-NIGHTFALL) and Bruno (HYPNOS; ex-KRABATHOR) as guests!!
HeadXplode Records, 2011. Made in Russia. First press.

1.Decay 02:37
2.Reborn 04:44
3.Venom 04:30
4.From The Forbirdden Depths... 04:05
5.Dictator 03:57
6.Error 05:07
7.Codex Gigas 04:44
8.Terror 04:22
9.The Falls Of Oceanum 04:19
Total playing time: 38:25

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