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ALKOHOLIZER “Free Beer….Surf's Up!!!” /CD/

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The second full-length album by Italian Thrash Metal band.
Alkoholizer are back! Brewed in 2006 in Sardinia and ready to party, their first bottle was called "Demo-Lizer" demo with four tracks. After that, a full-length album entitled "Drunk Or Dead..." made sure people got the message: beer and more beer, an excellent album and the bar was open.
After few problems with band members, they went off business for a while and now have returned thirstier than ever with a new formation as well. Vocalist Alessandro and drummer Gabriele, who both played on "Drunk Or Dead...", have departed. A new drummer has been brought in and bassist Fabrizio is now handling the vocals. Besides that, the band also recruited a second guitarist, which results in a couple of solo vs. solo situations. Also, Fabrizio taken on the vocals duties. In 2013, they released an EP to state that the Sardinian boars had returned and now we've been offered a new studio album.
Alkoholizer didn't want to change anything from their last record as Fabrizio's vocals is just a replica of Alessandro's. So, the recipe is here and it is very good, fans of Tankard will love this band and get drunk too; the production is very good, everything sounds cool and art cover is brilliant. Great melodies and crazy choruses, the guitars do a fantastic job and the drummer kicks asses; lots of variation, cool bass lines, solos and… f*ck it, you're going to open another beer!
Closes down the bar with golden keys... don't worry, tomorrow you're open it again! Excellent, excellent, great album, amazing work!!
Punishment 18 Records, 2014 (P18R 085). Made in Italy. First press.

1. The Hogmosh - Nozno Strikes Back!!! 4:56 
2. Faceless 3:17 
3. Surfin' Beer 3:45 
4. Breathalize And Destroy 4:28 
5. System Aberration 5:06 
6. Never Come Back Sober 3:11 
7. Antisocial Trap 4:26 
8. The Skating Madness 4:01 
9. Mind Pollution 3:46 
10. Stop Hit Off The Ghetto - Join The Boar Party!!! 4:48
Total playing time: 41:44


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