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ALASTOR SANGUINARY EMBRYO "For Satan And The Ruin Of The Divine” /CD/

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The fourth full-length album by Costa Rican Black Metal band.
The new long-awaited album by Symphonic Black Metal masters from Latin America.
This album is a pure manifesto of evil Black Metal art in the vein of early 90-es performed and recorded at a new up-to-date level yet preserving its dark and ominous nature.
Musically this album follows organically from the early works of the band and keeps to the same style. It features fast and furious drum attacks, razor-sharp guitar riffs, venomous morbid Black Metal screaming and keyboard lines which create a background against the solid guitar framework. Each song of the album is full of uncompromising brutality required to deliver a nihilistic message to the listeners in the correct way. 
This album is ultimately a really good exemplar of how Symphonic Black Metal should sound if you want a good taste of what the style was originally about, rather than what it’s largely become today.
A refreshing blast from the past; it’s hard to not enjoy this release as there’s such palpable enthusiasm and passion on display here. The songs are just really enjoyable, especially if you were brought up on this kind of thing.
Satanath Records/More Hate Productions/Darzamadicus Records, 2015 (SAT107 / MHP 15-143 / DR 015 CD). Made in Russia. First press.

1. We Forged The Wound In The Christian Scar 5:42 
2. Summoning The Beast Of Stigmata 7:31 
3. War, Pestilence, Famine And Death 6:13 
4. ...And Your Kingdom Has Fallen 6:33 
5. Thick Darkness Below The Feet Of The Crucified 6:32 
6. Immolate The Bethlehem Son 7:06 
7. Black Dysangelion. Chapter I: Invocation To Satan 3:08 
8. Black Dysangelion. Chapter II: The Holy Ghost Banishment 6:31 
9. Black Dysangelion. Chapter III: Diabolus Victoriam 1:39
Bonus Track:
10. Beyond My Unconscious Deep XLIX 6:12
Total playing time: 57:07


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