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ADIMIRON “Burning Souls” /CD/

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    Band: ADIMIRON
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The debut full-length album by Italian Progressive Thrash/Death Metal band.
"Burning Souls" has no particular influences from the Gothenburg genre or the Swedish Metal scene and that's why the album sounds so good. Adimiron is energetic as hell; this band knew how to play really tight Melodic Death Metal. They mixes frantic Death Metal with fast melodic picking patterns and the vocalist has an insane harsh scream. Band thrashes all over the place their Melodic Death Metal and they do it with ease. The guitar performance has a great deal of technical and fast picked riff lines. All the drum patterns are pretty neat as well, they basically follow the guitar melodies and they don't rush away in any strange direction. There are some blast-beats here and there; there are lots of rattling pedal work and other kinds of catchy and intense drum parts. Adimiron has a very good vocalist as well, he is not exactly gifted but his deep growls and intense screams sounds very good to the ferocious music.
The album doesn't suffer from any bigger flaws. "Burning Souls" is all about energy, speed, technique and ferocity, all in one package! People who enjoy speeded Death Metal and of course Melodic Death Metal should grab this CD, they will be satisfied for sure!!
Aggressive Thrash/Death Metal for fans of Kreator or The Crown!!!
Karmageddon Media, 2004 (KARMA053). Made in Netherlands. Pressed in UK. First press.

1. Delirium Tremehens 2:32 
2. New Day Denied 6:25 
3. Cold Anxiety 5:37 
4. Forgotten Memories 5:24 
5. Suffering Voices 7:07 
6. Obsessive Insanity 6:11 
7. Endless Worlds 7:19 
8. Unexpected Life 4:12
Total playing time: 44:47


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