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ADAM BOMB “Get Animal I” /CD/

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    Band: ADAM BOMB
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First re-release of the fourth full-length album by the band of cult American Glam/Hard Rock guitarist and singer Adam "Bomb" Brenner.
Originally it was released in 1999 as “Get Animal” – the debut album by Get Animal, a new band of Adam "Bomb" Brenner (this time his stage name was “Pink Gibson”).
Get Animal play catchy tunes with excellent guitar work. Adam‘s guitar playing is a cross of Ted Nugent and Eddie Van Halen on acid. All the songs on this release are pure dirty and catchy chorus Rock And Roll. The Van Halen-ized “D.W.I.” and the Grand Funk-esque opening riff of “Je T’aime Bebe” highlight Adam‘s blazing fretwork. Adam shows his influences on the AC/DC/Buckcherry sounding “Better Red Than Dead”, and proves that older artists still know how to throw down, without sounding dated.
This great Hard Rocking album features some of the greatest recorded guitar work of Adam Bomb! If you love Rock 'n' Roll, then this is the disc for you!!
Coalition Records, 1999/2003 (90909). Made in Canada. 

1. I'm On It 3:16
2. Swingin' On A Star (Bing Crosby Cover) 2:59
3. Bought The Farm 4:05
4. Hey Hey Nothin' 4:03
5. Might Makes Right 3:35
6. Miracle 4:08
7. Shake The Earth 4:04
8. Shotgun (Saturday Night) 3:20
9. Crash Boom Bam 4:26
10. SST 3:04
11. Countdown 3:53
12. Leader Of The Gang / Bloodbath (Gary Glitter Cover) 2:03
Total playing time: 42:56 min.

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