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ACE OF BASE “Happy Nation – U.S. Version” /LP/

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The European release of American Version of the debut full-length studio album, “The Sign”, by legendary Swedish Pop/Eurodance band. Also, can be considered as re-release of “Happy Nation” - the original Scandinavian / European version of the album, with bonus tracks.
Released on 23 November 1993 as “The Sign” in North America, Japan, and some Latin American countries by Arista Records, the original American version of the album contains the songs from band’s Scandinavian debut release, “Happy Nation” (1992), plus three new songs ("Don't Turn Around", "The Sign" and "Living in Danger"), as well as revised versions of "Voulez-Vous Danser" and "Waiting for Magic". The songs "Münchhausen (Just Chaos)" and "Dimension of Depth" from the original album, “Happy Nation”, were removed altogether.
To coincide with the release of “The Sign”, “Happy Nation” was re-released outside the USA and Canada as “Happy Nation - U.S. Version”, and featured the new tracks and revised versions included on "The Sign", as well the new track "Hear Me Calling" and a remix of "Happy Nation" (CD version. Also appeared on Spanish release of vinyl only, 1994).
“Happy Nation” / “The Sign” was ranked top three on the Billboard 200 chart for 26 consecutive weeks. The album and the single (of the same name) are the only single or album by a Swedish act to rank number one on Billboard's annual overall Year-End lists.
“Happy Nation” / “The Sign” is listed among the Top 100 Best-selling Albums of All Time by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), with sales in excess of 21 million copies. The album itself earned Arista Records 42 million USD, and was nominated for Best Pop Album at the 1995 Grammy Awards.
The new version of the album was released in the UK on 14 March 1994, and climbed to number 1 on the UK Albums Chart on 26 June, beating the number 21 peak of the original release.
First re-edition on 140 gram Clear Vinyl.
Playground Music Scandinavia/Demon Records, 1994/2020 (DEMREC845). Made in UK. Manufactured in the EU.


Side A
1. All That She Wants 3:30
2. Don't Turn Around (New Track - Tina Turner cover) 3:48
3. Young And Proud 3:56
4. The Sign (New Track) 3:08
5. Living In Danger (New Track) 3:41
6. Voulez-Vous Danser (Revised Vocals Version) 3:17
7. Happy Nation 4:13

Side B
1. Hear Me Calling (New Extra Track) 3:48
2. Waiting For Magic (Total Remix 7") 3:50
3. Fashion Party 4:10
4. Wheel Of Fortune 3:52
5. Dancer In A Daydream 3:37
6. My Mind (Mindless Mix) 4:08
7. All That She Wants (Banghra Version) 4:14

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