ABSU “Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” /Ltd. Digipack CD/

Collector’s Edition re-release of the debut full-length studio album by the cult American Death/Black Metal band. If you are new to Absu, this is a great place to start and keep in mind that the band gets better with age. Strangely enough, most Black Metal specialist (or elitist, depending on..

DIscount -39%

€7.90 €12.90

ABSU “The Sun Of Tiphareth” /CD/

The second full-length studio album by cult American Thrash/Black Metal band. The overall sound and mixing is perfectly balanced. While the musicians are simply going insane, the producer is making sure that all instruments count. The medieval atmosphere captured perfectly as well. The Thrash Metal..

DIscount -23%

€9.90 €12.90

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