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ABOMINANT “Napalm Reign” /CD/

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  • ABOMINANT “Napalm Reign” /CD/
  • ABOMINANT “Napalm Reign” /CD/

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The eleventh full-length studio album by American Death Metal band.
The songs on "Napalm Reign" have a good amount of variety, pacing and structuring, within the framework the band have set themselves. The Classic/Power/Speed Metal influences (“Iron Clad” and “Scream in the Night”) help to add another aspect to their sound. It all adds up to something very special indeed. Leads and solos are all used well, and throughout the aggression and brutality the band infuse things with a sense of melody that shows off their songwriting skills to great effect. 
The band consists of all accomplished musicians, as they should be at this point in their career, and the songs on "Napalm Reign" are all performed as well as you would expect. Although it’s professionally delivered, the band still have a real passion for the material, that much is evident, which is great to hear after 23 years of existence.
Oh, and they really know how to play fast when they want to. Hold on to your hat when you listen to this!
Deathgasm Records, 2016 (DG-085). Made in USA. First press.

1. No Peace 3:55
2. Reborn Through Bloodshed 4:18
3. Iron Clad 3:41
4. Hordes Of Desolation 5:20
5. Burning Hemispheres 4:16
6. The Watchers 3:48
7. Truth Beyond Belief 4:37
8. As Evil Rears Its Head 3:41
9. The Villains Veil 1:04
10. Out Of The Shadows 4:45
11. Scream In The Night 3:29
Total playing time: 42:56 min.

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