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7 WEEKS “All Channels Off” /CD/

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    Band: 7 WEEKS
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Debut full-length album by French Stoner Metal band.
"All Channels Off" is the fairly straight-forward Rock-solid kind of debut album, with a not-so-subtle dirty (Stoner) undertone. One thrilling sequence follows right after the other... And before you know it, you'll find yourself driving a pickup truck down a dusty desert highway, giving this tasty album yet another spin.
Already from the first split seconds there's an unmistakable Queens Of The Stone Age, and - to a lesser extent - Kyuss, vibe going on, so you know what you're up for from the start, no surprises. Although...
There are some oddities though. For one, the song "Whisper (And Dig The Ground)" reminds a bit too much to Soundgarden long after their glory years. Anyway, the track feels a bit out of place.
As it turns out, these French "rawkers" make an old formula appear fresh - and they do so with flying colors. 7 Weeks isn't as exactly cutting-edge as far as this particular (niche) genre goes. And it's nothing overly inspiring either. But! Due to the high level of reasonable radio friendliness, the songs do entertain. Plus they keep sticking, y'know - a blessing not given to everyone. If anything else, 7 Weeks will be gettin' your groove on, and that's what matters!
F2M Planet, 2009 (F2M003D/1). Made in France. Pressed in Germany.

1. All Channels Off 3:40
2. Loaded (Burnt) 3:59
3. Submarine 4:30
4. Dust And Rust 3:02
5. Crash 3:37
6. Deadloss 3:08
7. The Wait 4:07
8. On The Run 4:15
9. Whisper (And Dig The Ground) 6:53
10. 600 Miles 4:05
Total playing time: 41:16


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