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ZGARD “Reclusion” /CD/

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    Band: ZGARD
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Second full-length album by Ukrainian Atmospheric Black Metal one-man band.
The second work of Yaromysl with his own Zgard (ex- Goverla band). In this project the musician expresses his individuality by his ideas in Atmospheric Black Metal style (the first work was made in Folk Pagan Metal style).
The themes of compositions remain the same: paganism and hailing the power of nature.
Music-wise the album features majestic melodies based on atmospheric keyboards, powerful guitars and deep screaming with inclusions of Folk fragments. Vocals are pretty much the rasped standard for the genre. Beyond just the synths, occasionally other elements are tossed in to try and enhance the cold, including, well, my aforementioned wind. 
Well produced, inoffensive Melodic Black Metal music. A hour's worth of medium speed Atmospheric Black Metal!
BadMoodMan Music, 2012 (BMM 049-12). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Крижана Байдужість / Icy Indifference 
2. Відлюдництво / Reclusion 
3. Колдовство Зимы / Winter Withcraft 
4. Вічність / Eternity 
5. Хладокрес / Rise Of Coldness 
6. Відчай / Despair 
7. Желя / Weeping Goddess 
8. В Корне Мирового Древа / In The Roots Of World Tree


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