ZGARD “Astral Glow” /CD/

The third full-length album by Ukrainian Atmospheric Pagan/Folk Black Metal one-man band.
In the third album, of the young Ukranian project returned to the ideas of their debut album “Dukh Karpatskih Sutinkiv”: furious cold Pagan Black Metal enriched by Atmospheric keyboards and Folk motives. The predominant element is classic Black Metal riffing that is concentrated on delivering mellow melodies. The album has eight songs and is almost an hour and ten minutes long. Yaromisl is the multi-instrumentalist man responsible for everything (except the flute) in “Astral Glow”. The only additional member playing in the record, Hutsul, who is handling the flute duty and adds a special vibe to the record. The drums switch mostly between blast beats and double bass while the bass is hardly heard in the mix. The keyboards are set forward enhancing the atmosphere and creating a vast soundscape where the rest of the instruments lays on. The flute is frequently appearing adding providing the additional Folk vibe in “Astral Glow”. The album traditionally features sopilka, Ukranian Folk music instrument, giving unique features to Zgard sound.
“Astral Glow” without being a revolutionary release, uses grand atmospheric landscapes as the base to unfold its Paganistic and Folkloric values which eventually can provide the listener with a solid entity!
BadMoodMan Music, 2013 (BMM 057-13). Made in Russia. First press. Golden disc.

1. Ballance in the Universe / Равновесье в мирозданьи 11:52 
2. When Breakin Down All the Ideals / Когда рушатся все идеалы 05:46 
3. Letargy Dream / Летаргический сон 10:46 
4. Stars in the Night Sky / Зорi у нiчному небi 07:44 
5. Old Woods / Старый лес 07:47 
6. Astral Glow / Астральный свет 08:08 
7. Return to the Void / Повернення в порожнечу 11:12 
8. When Time Comes to Go Away / Коли наступить час пiти... 07:08
Total playing time: 70:23

Samples: http://www.last.fm

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