Debut full-length album by Gothic Doom Metal Metal band from Salerno, Italy.
Their musical style, influenced by British Gothic/Doom metal of bands like Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, is enriched by progressive nuances that trace back to the 70’s rock scene, as well as reminding of the suspended and rarified and intimate atmospheres of bands like Opeth.
My Kingdom Music, 2012 (echo077)

1.Renaissance 05:21
2.Praise for Nothing 05:44
3.The Essence of Gloom 06:11
4.Guilty 05:39
5.Bursting Hope 05:58
6.Far From the Sight 05:11
7.One Last Breath 05:33
8.Agony (praeludium) 04:10
9.In Silence 07:03
Total playing time: 50:50

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