WATAIN “Rabid Death's Curse” /CD/

Remastered re-release of the debut full-length album by Swedish Black Metal band.
These Satanic Swedes’ heavily sought after debut release "Rabid Death’s Curse" is finally available again! Initially released in a very limited quantity exclusively to the underground, the originals have been capturing large amounts at internet auctions. Now remastered and with a bonus track and all new artwork, the copies of this evil album are sure to disappear into a cloud of smoke from store shelves.
Amazing debut. Totally old school Black/Death, raw and dirty, words running like rats, spreading the black plague. Very good production, the whole paying homage to the Underground Black Metal scene. It is being the first and only album for which the band had two guitarists; from Rabid Death's Curse onwards, the band would be a trio.
The song "Rabid Death's Curse" contains an audio sample from the film Friday the 13th.
The album is considered a classic and was featured on German Rock Hard magazine's list 250 Black-Metal-Alben, die man kennen sollte (250 Black Metal albums you should know).
Watain being one of the best bands truly dedicated to keeping the flickering flame of Back Metal burning black. Utterly cult and underground yet undeniably skilled and intelligent. It’s feral, fast, frenzied and ferocious!!
This second re-edition contains bonus track and new liner notes.
Season Of Mist/Disembodied Records, 2000/2007/2013 (DR 028). Made in Argentina.

1. The Limb Crucifiks     4:20
2. Rabid Death's Curse     5:17
3. On Horns Impaled     2:32
4. Life Dethroned     5:43
5. Walls Of Life Ruptured     4:19
6. Agony Fires     5:18
7. Angelrape     3:39
8. Mortem Sibi Consiscere     7:03
9. The Essence Of Black Puritiy     4:25
Total playing time: 42:36

Samples:  http://seasonofmistcatalogue.bandcamp.com

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