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WARRIOR SOUL "Destroy The War Machine" /CD/

  • WARRIOR SOUL "Destroy The War Machine" /CD/

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The seventh full-length album by the American Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band.
Kory Clarke and Warrior Soul are back! Finally! Warrior Soul's "Chinese Democracy" / "...And We Rock N' Roll!" has been given an official release under a 3rd & final title, "Destroy the War Machine". “Destroy The War Machine” is Warrior Soul’s first studio album in 14 years!
When Warrior Soul first appeared on the scene back at the dawn of the '90s, they were not afraid to speak their mind about politics and/or the state of the world in their lyrics. Musically however, they had quite a lot in common sonically with the then-current copy of heavy yet mainstream Metal acts. Despite receiving some accolades and sweet touring slots, the group, led by founding member/singer Kory Clarke, never broke through commercially and called it a day in 1995. Fast forward 11 years, and Clarke opted to resurrect Warrior Soul with a whole new lineup.
Even with such a long lay-off, the song remains the same - Heavy Metal that would have sounded right at home being introduced by Rikki Rachtman back in 1990/1991 on "Headbanger's Ball", and Clarke ranting and raving about what he doesn't find enjoyable in the modern world ("The Fourth Reich", "Motor City" etc.). And on tunes such as "Pigs" and "Knocking ‘Em Down (In the City)", if you can picture a more explosively Metallic/early era Guns N' Roses or Skid Row, you're pretty close to the sound Warrior Soul specializes in here. But amidst all the gritty/hard-hitting tunes, you'll find a song or two that leaves you scratching your head at the fact that Clarke is trying just too darn hard at times, namely "She's Glaswegian", which contains some downright silly lyrics, delivered in an even sillier voice.
For better or for worse, "Destroy The War Machine" sounds just like you'd think a new Warrior Soul studio album would sound like, be it 1992 or 2009. “Destroy The War Machine” is absolutely a good album, old fans will absolutely accept it the least and Warrior Soul will gain a bunch of new fans with it also, because this is a straight forward Rock album with a lot of attitude and some really good songs!!
Acetate Records, 2009 (ATE7038). Used: very good.

1. Pigs 5:18
2. The Fourth Reich 4:41
3. Motor City 3:57
4. Don't Believe 5:04
5. Burning Bridges 3:49
6. Bad News (Rock N' Roll Boyfriend) 5:30
7. She's Glaswegian 4:03
8. Knocking 'em Down (In The City) 3:24
Total playing time: 35:46

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