VIOLBLAST “Conflict” /CD/

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The debut full-length album by Spanish Thrash Metal band.
Violblast are undoubtedly one of Thrash Metal’s featured bands of the year. Their album “Conflict” is being hailed by media and fans around the world, and is nearly to be sold out in physical form in record time.
Modernistic Old School Thrash Metal purveyors Violblast play razor sharp Thrash Metal riffs and rhythms that’s sure to make the listener’s mind melt into a heap of grey matter and dead brain cells.
A brutal album, fast and direct; a spectacular evolution regarding to their previous EP “Permanent Hate”. There are eight cuts of aural, vicious Thrash Metal insanity that’s sure to make you bang your head so hard, that you’ll never wake up again! Yes, “Conflict” has all of the finest influences from the very, very early recordings of Slayer, Sepultura and Kreator, but more in line with the glory days of early Slayer!
Just listening to the choppy guitar rhythms of “Bearing Witness”, and then the solos, which are sprayed like gunfire in the middle part of the song, make you feel like you’ve truly been left behind in the further, outer depths of the fiery abyss.
The vocals definitely have that wicked Tom Araya feel to them yet show slight hints of Max Cavalera from his early days with Sepultura.
The drumming and rhythmic arrangements are a lethal acidic blend of Slayer meets a more pissed off Kreator.
The overall songwriting on “Conflict” is very refreshing, energetic, professionally executed, and produced with the highest caliber of studio wizardry available.
With the right push, promotion, time, a little maturing of these guys as songwriters and musicians, Violblast could rightfully take Slayer’s place in the Thrash Metal world. Check out this killer album from Spain’s best kept Thrash Metal secret, as there is a so much talent found on this nine tracker that you’ll surely be in Thrash Metal paradise!! This is the album Slayer should’ve followed up with, after their classic “Reign In Blood” record, as “Conflict” is that much blatantly ultra-heavy and in your face!!!
Suspiria Records, 2016 (SPR022). Made in Spain. First press.

1. Deep Into Darkness 1:37 
2. Conflict 3:36 
3. Wielders Of Fear 3:46 
4. Sings Of A Murder 3:04 
5. Invisible Death 4:35 
6. Reprisal 3:54 
7. Paths Of Aggression 3:07 
8. Bearing Witness 3:22 
9. Individuality 3:01
Total playing time: 30:08


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