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VEER "The Measure Of Waste" /LP/

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    Band: VEER
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Debut full-length album by Hungarian Black Metal band.
Formed from the ashes of another Hungarian Black Metal band Ravenshades, Veer is the continuation of the original visions that Ravenshades had laid down. "The Measure Of Waste" is the culmination of the years of efforts that the band has put into their craft since their original inception in 1997, originally released in 2009. Like a few other artists, Veér have thrown the occultist/pagan philosophies of Black Metal to the curb in favor of a commentary on the urban disgust which fills our lives, every day, often just out of sight. Thematically similar to the Czech band Stíny Plamenù, but this band is a bit more bleak and suicidal. The band does not overdo things over here, with the execution of the tracks all being extremely straightforward and with little display of flamboyance. Often, the focus is on the atmosphere that is conjured on the tracks and on the emotions of hopelessness and desolation that is invoked in the listener. And this is perhaps the entire point of "The Measure of Waste", letting the listener slowly sink into an endless abyss of darkness!
Limited edition to 300 hand-numbered copies comes with 12x12" insert and band logo sticker.
Neverheard Distro, 2012 (NHD020). Made in Hungary. First press.


Side A:
1. We've Lost in Light
2. Pull the Trigger
3. ...All This Things Will End
4. Novaya Zemlya
5. Obsessed in Peace of Mine

Side B:
6. Praise Be to Roach
7. Flesh Dominates
8. Revelation
9. This Spring Is the Last

Total playing time: 33:50


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