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VAL GAINA "Fingertips" /CD/

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Used: very good.

The fourth full-length solo-album by the legendary Russian Heavy/Speed Metal/Rock guitarist-virtuoso Valeriy Gaina (ex- Kruiz).
Another solo album by Valeriy Gaina - another challenge for the music market. Instrumental guitar music, 64 minutes of inventive and very professionally performed music. After all, the man in the 80's called "the first Russian guitar hero", has every right to at least once in his life show off his talent in all its glory.
Initially Valery Gaina said that this album will completely instrumental. But in the course of work on it in the program was amended. As a result, "Fingertips" includes four Hard Rock tracks with texts in Russian, as well as eight wordless compositions ranging from Alternative Rock to Thrash Metal.
The material is based on the good melodies and catchy riffs, and executed with a fantastic drive and genuine passion. In other words, another great album from a very talented musician!
"Fingertips" one of the best Guitar Rock albums of 2011, which is by the quality of the material and the level of performance is not inferior to the works of foreign colleagues-virtuosos.
Metalism Records, 2011 (MR 074-11). Made in Russia. Used: very good.

1. Fingertips 5:01 
2. The Raptor 5:19 
3. Творец / Creator 5:37 
4. Punch In 4:54 
5. Big Time 5:19 
6. Война / War 5:35 
7. Slow Go 5:21 
8. Go For It 4:31 
9. Твой Путь / Your Way 5:25 
10. Down Under 5:28 
11. Не Убий И Не Убей / Don't Murder And Don't Kill 5:16 
12. Clean Run 3:59
Total playing time: 61:45

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