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VADER "Reborn In Chaos" /CD/

  • VADER "Reborn In Chaos" /CD/

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    Band: VADER
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Re-release of the first compilation album by the legendary Polish Death Metal band.
This compilation contains the band's first two demos, "Morbid Reich" and "Necrolust".
Vader's "Morbid Reich" is a fairly notorious demo given its crazy high sales and could probably as a result be said to be one of the most influential demos in the Polish Death Metal scene. "Reborn in Chaos" is likely where many of us first heard it (and its slightly dumber younger brother "Necrolust,") and while it doesn't quite stand the test of time, it's still a pretty important historical note in Vader's career. The two demos which makes up this compilation are almost all re-recorded for "The Ultimate Incantation" (with one each going to "Sothis" and "De Profundis,") so getting these versions isn't exactly mandatory, but it's a nice historical piece for Vader fans even if its presentation is at this point rather dated.
Re-release contains two bonus tracks!!
Hammerheart Records, 1996/1997/2012 (HHR2012-04). Made in Netherlands. Pressed in Germany.

1. From Beyond - Intro 01:02
2. Chaos 04:27
3. Vicious Circle 02:49
4. Breath of Centuries 04:16
5. Intro 00:28
6. The Final Massacre 04:20
7. Reign-Carrion 06:03
8. Intro 00:51
9. Decapitated Saints 02:40
10. Reborn in Flames 04:08
11. The Final Massacre 04:33
12. The Wrath 03:57
Total playing time: 39:34

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