VA “APRAXIA Tribute - 14 1/2 Years of Struggle Against...” /2CD/

Tribute to NSBM cult!!! Black Metal/Folk Metal/NSBM/R.A.C.
First Line Records/MoscowKievMafia Records/Der Schwarze Tod/Last Round Records…etc., 2011


Part I
Osterweg - Dance of War
Kamaedzitca - As a Heathen Blood Salute
Kolo Pravi - Russ, Wake Up!
Krada - Wild Hunt
Yar - Fire in the Night
T.H.O.R. - Woodchild
Dzjady - Requiem of Freedom
Krep - Folk and Race
Shtandart - Army of Swastika
PD SS Totenkopf - Endless Winter

Part II
Vranorod - In the Deep Dark Forrest
Interior Wrath - Sons of Thule
Lothron - Blood, Soil, Loyalty and Honour
Hebrewdead - Sign of Wolf
Faethon - Barbaric Hordes from North
Dying Rose - Northern Wind and Black Sky
Asgardreid - Ancient Hymn of Eternal Night
Dziwnagorje - Son of Kelagast
Piarevaracien - Tomorrow Belongs to Us
M.O.B.A.S. - Cross and Mauser

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