URN "Scribbing Of A Forgotten Soul" /CD/

Chicago's infamous URN's latest release.
Dark Metal with male and female vocals.
Also features guest appearance by Thomas Thorn "Electric Hellfire Club". For Fans of  Nightwish, Type O Negative and Paradise Lost.
Rotting Corpse Records, 2009 (RCR 013)

1.Absolution 04:58
2.Voices of Reason 06:34
3.Ambivalence 01:50
4.Hero Worship 05:30
5.Reckoning Hour 07:40
6.In My Mind's Eye 10:28
7.Dancing On the Day of the Dead 07:19
8.Confessional 09:29
9.No Man's Land 07:18
10.Repentance 05:42
11.Final Kiss Goodnight 06:29
12.Solemn in a Prostrate Pose 06:39

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