UNHOLY MATRIMONY "Croire, Decroitre" /Digisleeve CD/

UNHOLY MATRIMONY evolves from radical Black Metal without concession and blends elements of death metal and visceral ambiance that is unrivaled in extreme music today.
A colossal cacophony of beauty and a fierce black metal framework which could be viewed as a harsher Mirrorthrone is only a fraction of what to expect.
Crushing. Relentless. Excruciating.
Deepsend Records, 2009 (DSR039)

1.Innocence abusee 06:27
2.Rictus de Mort et de Larmes 06:47
3.D’Elegance et de Dereliction 10:39
4.Les Pucerons de l’Ecorce Divine 10:01
5.La Lente Mort sans Panache 05:28
6.Le Glaive contre Le Reve 07:22
7.Le Poids de leur Chute les Rend Dignes 06:06
8.Tu Ne Croiras Pas 04:36

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