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UNCHAINED (Swe) "Unchained" /CD/

  • UNCHAINED (Swe) "Unchained" /CD/

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Debut and only full-length album by Swedish Power Metal band.
This Swedish foursome play an intensely melodic sort of Metal that does not qualify as Power Metal, but would certainly be of interest to fans of that style of music.
Guitarists David Blome and Peter Ericsson team up here to deliver some top notch fret work that overflows with brilliance. Ericsson shows much skill on tracks such as "The Analyst", delivering Steve Vai-like arpeggios and scales that are the perfect counterpart to singer Per Karlsson's powerful set of lungs. Karlsson's high register voice resonates with a deep timbre, and he pulls off vibrato injected screams with ease on "Ghost Of The Alchemic Hall", as thee axe team nails a Maiden influenced riff that is definalte haedbanging material. The solo is prefaced with a mighty deluge of accents as Karlsson shines here with rich sustaining notes over stop action work. Martin Michaelsson palys tight beats that follow the guitarists with accents. He hits the drums really hard and his tom rolls give the impression of thunder as he slams across the rack.
"Theater Of Fear" has some positively blazing leads that any guitar aficianado will appreciate. Unchained stick to a rootsy style of Metal and frankly, do it quite well. A warm sounding track, "I Dream"takes the intensity down a couple of notches to reveal that this group can also successfully offer a Dokken type ballad with passion and grace. You will hear the band giving a nod to German Power Metal ala Helloween on "Like The Candle", but the track undertakes varios expirimentations with that sound that allow Unchained to retain their uniqueness.
This self-titled debut is both masterfully produced and a wonderful overall package that Metal fans are certain to appreciate as Unchained reveal themselves as a masterful outfit that succeed in helping to bring back a style of Metal that almost has been forgotten, as more extreme acts dominate the industry. However, if you are craving tuneful vocal melodies, expertly articulated guitar work and brilliant, traditional Metal songwriting, this outing is a fantastic choice!!
Sound Riot Records/Mystic Empire/Mazzar Records, 2005 (MYST CD 038). Made in Russia. Please note: although the CD is new and has never been played, there are light visual shabby on the disc surface, happened during transit, which will not affect the sound quality.

1. My Guide     03:53 
2. The Analyst     05:42 
3. Ghost of an Alchemic Hall     05:39 
4. Theater of Fear     07:01 
5. I Dream     05:02 
6. Ordinary Sinner     04:16 
7. Like the Candle     05:55
8. The Great Witch Hunt     04:09
9. Seventh Sin     06:11
Total playing time: 47:48

Samples:  http://www.lastfm

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