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GOBLINS BLADE “Of Angels And Snakes” /Ltd. LP/

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  • Код товару: MAS LP1127
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The debut full-length studio album by German Heavy/Power Metal band.
If you've ever winced at Power Metal's occasional descent into overt cheeriness, or Folk Metal's wistful 'n' windswept shtick, then the perfect antidote has always been some red-blooded, muscular and defiantly old-school Metal, spiritually enshrouded in denim and leather and hell-bent on grandeur. And Goblins Blade is one of these antidotes.
This Germans bring listeners American-style Power Metal with their debut album. There is also a strong Progressive edge, but this is the Prog Metal of early Fates Warning, Crimson Glory and Psychotic Waltz.
The core of "Of Angels And Snakes" is made of the purest steel, its creators' self-evident ingenuity simply making every song feel fully fleshed-out and thrumming with drama. Both, a celebration of Heavy Metal in its purest form and an elegant plundering of its untapped potential, "Of Angels And Snakes" will proudly and unapologetically remind you of lots of other really great Heavy Metal bands from various points in the genre's history. But Goblins Blade have also established a fierce identity of their own, and they have the distinctive and dynamic songs to match.
An impressive debut, full of energy and bombast, with plenty to headbang and sing along too. If you like American-style Power Metal, especially the kind that veers toward sword and sorcery without the Symphonic, this would be a good album to check out! For true believers!!
Limited Edition to 100 copies Red Vinyl.
Massacre Records, 2020 (MAS LP1127). Made in Germany. First press.


Side Snakes
1. Snakes From Above 4:56
2. Pay For Your Sins 3:57
3. Blink Of An Eye 4:31
4. Final Fall 4:30
5. Utopia 4:02

Side Angels
6. When The Night Follows The Day 6:15
7. The Bell Is Broken 4:05
8. Fall Into Darkness 4:38
9. Call For Unity 5:28

Total playing time: 42:22 min.

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