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DARKTHRONE “Total Death” /LP/

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  • Код товару: VILELP329
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Second European re-release of the sixth full-length album by cult Norwegian Black Metal band.
It was recorded in 1995 and released in 1996 on CD and LP by Moonfog Productions. LP has different artwork than CD.
This album is rather the best and most diversified Darkthrone record since “A Blaze In The Northern Sky”. This album is no doubt Black Metal with some Euro Thrash touches. It’s harsh, it’s midtempo or it’s just Thrash. Also the sound is the best in their history. But don’t expect some kind of power sound. We talk about Darkthrone, probably the weirdest band in the world! Individual and somehow original, these are the keywords.
The lyrics were provided by some famous members of the Norwegian Black Metal scene. Guys like Garm (Ulver), Ihsahn (Emperor), Carl Michael (Ved Buens Ende) or Satyr (Satyricon) are responsible for the sick lyrics. Normally is Fenriz the author of their lyrics. But this time, the band’s drummer hold himself back and apart from the guest lyricists, Nocturno Culto wrote some lyrics too.
This album belongs to the biggest classics in the history of this Darkthrone! It’s a must for all, who want to know, how Black Metal without any flourish has to sound too!!
Limited to 2000 numbered copies on 180g vinyl. Issued with an double-sided printed innersleeve. Includes a commentary CD recorded late 2010, with individual track commentary by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto.
Peaceville Records, 1996/2011 (VILELP329). Made in EU.


Side 1:
1. Earth's Last Picture     5:13
2. Blackwinged     4:30 
3. Gather For Attack On The Pearly Gates     4:53
4. Black Victory Of Death     4:01

Side 2:
5. Majestic Desolate Eye     3:07 
6. Blasphemer     4:01
7. Ravnajuv     4:20 
8. The Serpents Harvest     5:43

Total playing time: 35:44

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