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DARKTHRONE “Soulside Journey” + “Preparing For War Vol.2” /CD/

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Debut full-length album and the first compilation album, at one CD, by the legendary Norwegian Death/Black Metal band.

“Soulside Journey” is the band's only Death Metal album, before they became an integral part of the Norwegian Black Metal scene.
Although Darkthrone are famous for being the quintessential Black Metal band, they didn’t start out as such. No question about it, "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" is a remarkable album and an extremely influential one, but for their debut full-length Darkthrone played a rather enjoyably Technical form of Entombed-influenced Death Metal. Once you realise what an inspiration the Swedes were, then it’s hard to see why you haven’t noticed this strain of influence before. Comparing "Left Hand Path" and "Soulside Journey" it seems obvious, from the music to the lyrics, and Nocturno’s vocals are quite Petrovian. It’s not as good as that Swedish classic, as few albums are, yet whilst some may even go as far as accusing it of being monotonous, this is almost certainly the most catchy Darkthrone were up until "Too Old, Too Cold".
"Soulside Journey" is more than a curio but less than mandatory; you will never regret owning it, but neither will it have quite the same effect as "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" and the albums afterwards. Considering that this was released in 1991, this is a damn fine piece of Death Metal that few fans will dislike!

While "Preparing For War" is largely a best of album, and a limited one at that, spanning only Darkthrone's career on the Peaceville label, it does contain a few unreleased goodies (three) that make it an attractive acquisition!
By far the most important is the second track, "Snowfall". This track is an nine-minute Darkthrone jam session. There are no vocals, and it really doesn't sound like anything else they've ever done! Don't worry, it's nothing out of character. Imagine music that's somewhere in-between "Soulside Journey" and "Goatlord", but with more character, energy, feeling, and hooks. However, since it does have that pre-"A Blaze in the Northern Sky" quality, it is without any of that trademark chilling minimalism from their later and more famous albums. The other unreleased stuff on "Preparing For War" includes a live version of "Neptune Towers", the song from "Soulside Journey". The quality (by live recording standards) isn't the greatest, but it sounds better than that live "A Night Of Unholy Black Metal" album, and it features a very nice and fuzzy greeting from Nocturno Culto, addressing the audience in a normal and friendly voice. The last track is an alternate version of "Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadoria", which is also from "Soulside Journey". It pretty much sounds like the original album version, but is a bit warmer and fuller. Better, really. It has a bit more character.
The rest of "Preparing for War"'s 12 tracks are devoted to representing Darkthrone's other three Peaceville albums.
"Preparing For War" is a fine best of album, in that it provides those just getting into Darkthrone with a good taste of what this quintessential Black Metal band has to offer, as well as appealing to worshippers of the band by including some godly unreleased material! Extremely cool!!
Agat Company Ltd., 1991/2000/2002. Made in Russia. Bootleg. 24 bit remastered. Used: like new.

Soulside Journey
1. Cromlech 
2. Surise Over Locus Mortis 
3. Soulside Journey 
4. Accumulation Of Generalization 
5. Neptune Towers 
6. Sempiternal Sepulchrality 
7. Grave With A View 
8. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia 
9. Nor The Silent (Whispers) 
10. The Watchtower 
11. Eon

Preparing For War Vol.2
12. The Pagan Winter 
13. Natassja In Eternal Sleep 
14. Neptune Towers 
15. Under A Funeral Moon 
16. Transilvanian Hunger 
17. I En Ball Med Flesk Og Mjod 
18. Skald An Satanas Sol 
19. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia
Total playing time: 79:39


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