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CRYPT INFECTION “Disentanglement” /CD/

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  • Код товару: SR-298
  • Отримаєте бонус-скрепів: 5
  • Наявність: В наявності

  • € 4.90

  • Ціна в бонус-скрепах: 49

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The debut full-length album by American Brutal Death Metal band.
Crypt Infection are finally back after their excellent EP with a very long awaited debut album! The Californian cruel bloodthirsty horde performs on this material a Technical Brutal Death Metal without being too technical by keeping his brutal side and being totally twisted with an originality and creativity demonstrated in this unique piece of sickness!
Band hits a sweet spot between the Putrid technical excess, vocal vomit of Dying Fetus and the melodic tendencies and songwriting of Suffocation. They performing a brutality with unique atmosphere making "Disentanglement" an exceptional piece of its kind created by a solid and creative composition.
Crypt Infection are delivering 37 fucking minutes of technical brutality being mostly a total success and is definitely a unique experience in the Brutal Death Metal by being sick, twisted and original making this release a must! "Disentanglement" despite some imperfections is highly recommended to all lovers of Death Metal or Brutal Death being excellent from start to end!! Creative Technical piece of primitive twisted Sickness!
Sevared Records, 2015 (SR-298). Made in USA. First press.

1. 3rd Generation Killer 04:50 
2. Crawling Chaos 03:59 
3. Disentanglement 04:09 
4. Dying World 06:16 
5. Illucid Dreams 03:19 
6. Osteophagist 03:59 
7. Senescent Enstranglement 03:02 
8. Slave Wage 03:45 
9. Swarm Eaten 04:06 
Total playing time: 37:25

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