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  • Код товару: SR-0078
  • Отримаєте бонус-скрепів: 3
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Re-release of the fifth full-length album by Russian Pagan/Folk Metal band.
The instruments are fast, heavy and melodic and draw inspiration from death and black metal more then they do from doom metal. The speed sometimes slows to give variation in the album and creates a melody that leads to the climax in the song. There is just enough folk elements to qualify it as a folk metal band but it is not over done. The are only there where you would expect them and there would be no improvement in this album if they added more folk elements. The instruments perfectly craft an album that does not need to be criticized becuase it does not feature enough individual folk elements. The lyrics are all in Russian but they are intelligently written and dramatic about the lives of the Slavs and fantasy. There is a clean male voice, male growl voice and sometimes even a pleasant female voice that sounds natural and pure, as opposed to being only a gimmick.
Featured guest musicians from Grave Digger, Catharsis and more...
Sleaszy Rider Records, 2008 (SR-0078). Made in Greece.

1.Чертоги Безмолвия / Неба Слеза / Halls of Silence / Tear of Sky 06:40
2.Волчий Пастырь / Pastor of Wolves 05:52
3.Песнь Вольных Ветров / Song of Free Winds 06:24
4.Вспомни Забвения Свет / Remember the Light of Oblivion 04:32
5.Время Мары / Time of Mara 05:05
6.Ночью хладом, Лунным Светом… / Through Cold Nights, Moon Light 05:31
7.Коловорот / Kolovorot 05:02
8.Возвращение / Return 05:14
9.Тризна / Funeral Feast 05:08
Bonus Track:
10.Подруга / Girlfriend 16:20
Total playing time: 65:48

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