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BUTTERFLY TEMPLE “Тропою Крови по Воле Рода” /CD/

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  • Код товару: 03-440
  • Отримаєте бонус-скрепів: 4
  • Наявність: В наявності

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The fourth full-length album by the Russian Pagan/Folk Metal band.
This release is truly something to actually seek out. Butterfly Temple plays a nice blend of Progressive and Symphonic Folk Metal. Like this album’s title all the vocals, lyrics, and insert notes are all in Russian.
Song structures are really what define this album. There are several bass guitar leads throughout several of the songs, and adequate bass lines for the remainder, which in comparison to usual rotation, is a nice change. In the majority of music the bass guitar is used to expand the bands sound, you can never really hear its specific use but without it a song doesn’t sound as full. On this album the bass is actually used to help define the sound and is actually used to help create the battle atmosphere on some of the songs.
While the guitar sound on this album is very bass oriented, your normal six-string is still somewhat present. The normal guitars and the drums as well, mostly get set aside in favor of more keyboard melodies and the assortment of folk instruments the band brings in.
All the vocals on here are either done by a man or a female session singer. The male vocals range from a more clean sounding epic tone to a more anger filled harsh scream, all of which blend in nicely with the Epic Folk elements already displayed. The female vocals sound operatic and are always done in a clean tone, taking elements from the highly symphonic sound perfected by Nightwish.
Several unconventional instruments were used in the making of this album. The band uses an assortment of flutes, acoustics, an accordion and a couple of other instruments. The flutes and acoustics are used solely as atmospheric instruments more of a somber feeling that they couldn’t squeeze out of the keyboards. The accordions (and the various other folk percussion instruments) are used to add a more happy feeling to some of the songs.
This album is a unique listening experience. The band blends several Folk and Symphonic elements to create a truly one of a kind sound. Any fan of Moonsorrow, Windir, Dark Moor, Falkenbach would do wise to give this album a listen!!
Irond Records, 2003 (03-440). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Вабить, Кликать, Стон Глотать 4:37
2. Слаще Всеже Мне (Обруч Месяц) 4:40
3. Бегу Я Рысью, Бегу Я Волком! 3:34
4. Огнебога Семаргла Жар! 6:11
5. Пойти За Ней Вслед... 2:03
6. Наша Кровь Одной Рекой! 5:09
7. Полны Чаши Вражьей Крови! 6:26
8. С Сотней Девушек Сошёлся! 3:45
9. Гимны Рода Пели В Груди! 5:51
10. Тропою Крови... 2:53
Total playing time: 45:09

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