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BULLETSIZE “The Apokalypse” /CD/

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  • Код товару: BULLETSIZE TA - CD
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The second full-length album by Swedish Death/Thrash Metal band.
"The Apocalypse" is quite a mixed bag of styles, forging Death Metal and Thrash Metal with quite technical overtones. Bulletsize are inspired by the likes of some truly phenomenal bands such as: Sodom, Napalm Death, W.A.S.P., Venom, The Crown, At The Gates, Entombed and The Exploited. 
CD starts off with a prominent bang...
The opening title track really brings the hammer down. Vocally, this is nothing new. Angry and harsh vocals, while not unusual sounding, still get their pissed-off point across loud and clear.
“Out of Silence (Wasteland)” is more of the chaotic smash-you-in-the-face Death Metal. But the guitar riffing in this song is incredible. Played live, this song would be a head banging hell-fest, for sure. 
With song titles like “1000 Deaths” and “Wishing For The Bullet”, you know this isn’t going to be happy music! Those drums will send shivers down on your spine!!
The beginning of “Wishing For The Bullet” almost sounds like machine gun fire. This is another great track.
The bassist gets to shine a bit in the closing song, “Cassandra”.
It’s powerful and it’s heavy, still they mix in nice touches of more Melodic and Classic Metal. With so many great Death Metal bands out there, it’s quite hard to reach above the noise. Bulletsize have a couple of things going for them, with one being the musical mix and there are some pretty good songs on the album. The vocals are within the traditional Death Metal growl formula and the energy sure is there.
These guys can definitely play! Bulletsize is brutal, yet not annoying noise. A live Bulletsize show is surely nothing less than kick-ass! 
All in all, a pretty decent release if you’re into Death Metal!!
Selfreleased, 2011. Made in Sweden. Pressed in Italy. First press.

1. The Apokalypse 
2. Out of Silence 
3. The Terrorizer 
4. Handmade God 
5. 1000 Deaths 
6. Wishing for the Bullet 
7. Alone in the Dark 
8. From Ashes 
9. Cassandra 
Total playing time: 48:37 min.

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