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BOLT THROWER “Who Dares Wins” /CD/

  • BOLT THROWER “Who Dares Wins” /CD/

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  • Код товару: MOSH 208CD
  • Отримаєте бонус-скрепів: 12
  • Наявність: В наявності

  • € 11.90

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Second compilation album by the legendary British Death Metal band.
This compilation contains mostly rare material from the Grindcore/Death Metal band's EPs "Cenotaph" and "Spearhead", as well as two tracks from "Rareache", Earache Records anniversary compilation album (this two tracks was also included on Japanese version of “...For Victory” album).
This CD isn't the place to turn if you're making your first Bolt Thrower purchase - 1991's "War Master" would a better starting point. But then, Earache didn't release this CD with the casual listener in mind. "Who Dares Wins" was obviously aimed at the more seasoned Bolt Thrower fan, who will appreciate such rarities as "Prophet of Hatred", "Crown of Life" and "Destructive Infinity" as well as a blistering live version of "Realm of Chaos" and an extended remix of "Spearhead". In spite of its limitations, "Who Dares Wins" is a CD that the band's die-hard followers will want!
The release coincided with the release of the album "Mercenary", which was Bolt Thrower's first album for Metal Blade Records. The band has hence accused Earache of trying to cash in on the band. Also, the album was originally intended to be titled "No Guts, No Glory"; however because that is the title of a song on "Mercenary" Earache had to scrap that title. The cover art for this compilation was taken from the "Spearhead" EP.
Tracks 1-4 from taken from the "Cenotaph" EP ’91.
Tracks 5-8 taken from the "Spearhead" EP ’92.
Tracks 9-10 taken from the "Rareache" compilation ’95.
Earache Records, 1998 (MOSH 208CD). Made in Netherlands.

1. Cenotaph     4:04      
2. Destructive Infinity     4:13 
3. Prophet Of Hatred     3:52 
4. Realm Of Chaos (Live)     2:45 
5. Spearhead (Extended Remix)     8:42 
6. Crown Of Life     5:29 
7. Dying Creed     4:17 
8. Lament     5:36 
9. World Eater '94     6:08 
10. Overlord     4:29
Total playing time: 49:35

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