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ARCH ENEMY “Burning Bridges” /CD/

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  • ARCH ENEMY “Burning Bridges” /CD/
  • ARCH ENEMY “Burning Bridges” /CD/

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    Гурт: ARCH ENEMY
  • Код товару: 77276-2
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The third full-length album by the cult Swedish Melodic Death Metal band.
While some of the genre's hardcore aficionados might disagree, Death Metal tempered with a dab of accessibility is generally a more enticing proposition - not only does it render the intensity more consistently listenable, it also increases the chances of a band developing an original voice, since the band doesn't tie itself down to genre conventions. Arch Enemy are one such band, having honed a potent blend of classic-style Death Metal, melodic twin-guitar leads à la the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, touches of Prog Metal and of Grindcore courtesy of later Carcass or Napalm Death, and just plain solid riff writing. "Burning Bridges" consolidates the gains made on its predecessor "Stigmata", establishing Arch Enemy as a dependable force and one of the better bands working death metal territory as the '90s drew to a close.
“Burning Bridges” is the first Arch Enemy album to feature Sharlee D'Angelo on bass and the last studio recording to feature vocalist Johan Liiva. The music here shifted towards a more polished Thrash-influenced Melodic Death Metal sound.
"Burning Bridges" has all the makings of not just a classic Melodic Death Metal record, but a classic Metal record in general: godly musicianship, memorable vocals, and above of all, extremely well-written songs! For those of you prejudiced against listening to this album because of Liiva, you're doing yourself a disservice. This is an essential album in the Arch Enemy canon. For those who have already heard it... well, you know what it's about!!
Fantastic piece of melodic, classical Metal, inspired by Death Metal, and belongs in every proper collection!!!
Century Media Records, 1999 (77276-2). Made in Germany. 

1. The Immortal 3:41
2. Dead Inside 4:10
3. Pilgrim 4:30
4. Silverwing 4:06
5. Demonic Science 5:20
6. Seed Of Hate 4:06
7. Angelclaw 4:03
8. Burning Bridges 5:29
Total playing time: 35:25


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