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TYPE O NEGATIVE "October Rust" /CD/

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Fourth full-length studio album by the legendary American Gothic/Doom Metal band.
All of the songs are great and they are mostly more positive than their other albums. This album has a very lush and pretty sound and the keyboards are excellent. The vocals are amazing with Peter's leads and Kenny’s backups. The bass is great and unique and it does not just follow the drums or the guitars like most bands, and the drums are great even though they are programmed. There is also plenty of variety on this disc, such as a cover of Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl", a rather humorous song about a lesbian affair that singer Peter Steele gets involved in ("My Girlfriend's Girlfriend"), and plenty of Goth-tinged tracks that have made the impression on Type O Negative's sound. The keyboards from Josh Silver, guitars from Kenny Hickey, drums from Johnny Kelly (who replaced original drummer Sal Abruscato in 1994), all play a significant role in the album's sound.
Attention! Track 1, was joked recorded as noise. Some people had been known to try eject the CD to get it replaced without even realising it was supposed to be that way.
This disc has everything a Goth/Doom fan could want - a great atmosphere, dark lyrics, and the deep vocals (and bass, for that matter) of Peter Steele.
Roadrunner Records/The All Blacks B.V., 1996 (RR 8874-2). Made in Germany.

1. Bad Ground 00:38
2.  00:21
3. Love You To Death 07:08
4. Be My Druidess 05:25
5. Green Man 05:47
6. Red Water (Christmas Mourning) 06:48
7. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend 03:46
8. Die With Me 07:12
9. Burnt Flowers Fallen 06:09
10. In Praise Of Bacchus 07:36
11. Cinnamon Girl 04:00
12. The Glorious Liberation Of The People's Technocratic Republic Of Vinnland By The Combined Forces Of The United Territories Of Europa 01:07
13. Wolf Moon [Including Zoanthropic Paranoia] 06:37
14. Haunted 10:07
15. 00:08
Total playing time: 72:49 min.

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