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TWISTED SISTER “Love Is For Suckers” /CD/

  • TWISTED SISTER “Love Is For Suckers” /CD/

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Second remastered re-release of the fifth full-length album by the legendary American Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band.
After the commercial disappointment of "Come Out And Play" it was to be a two year gap before Twisted Sister would release their fifth studio album. AJ Pero had vacated the drum stool to be replaced by Joey "Seven" Franco but the nucleus of Twisted Sister was still together and looking back on this album, it was panned by the music press and manage to receive even worse reviews than "Come Out And Play", it should now be considered an undiscovered gem amongst band's fans worldwide.
Album was strongly influenced by Hair Metal bands, although the band split after its release and had a lot of conflicts with this record which led to a split. The album was originally supposed to be a Dee Snider solo record but the record company demanded it be recorded and released as Twisted Sister. "Love Is For Suckers" was released by Atlantic Records on August 13, 1987. The tour for the album ended in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 10, 1987. Two days later, on October 12, 1987, vocalist Dee Snider announced his departure from the band.
The Twisted Sister sound and image had also changed from the bestial, back street brawling racket of "Stay Hungry", "You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll" and the excellent "Under The Blade". Perhaps this was more to do with America's white middle class trying to stop the likes of Twisted Sister denigrating the masses with their perverted and unsolicited music or the bands new found financial happiness but for whatever reason Twisted Sister had lost something and "Love Is For Suckers" was to be the bands final studio release.
This would be Twisted Sister's final studio album, as all albums since have been compilations or live albums (with the exception of 2004's "Still Hungry" which was a rerecording of 1984's "Stay Hungry" and "A Twisted Christmas" in 2006).
Dee Snider has stated that he likes many of the songs on the album, vocally. However he feels that if they play any of them live, it may bring back bad memories for the band. No songs from this album appeared on the band's 1992 greatest hits album "Big Hits And Nasty Cuts".
There have been conflicting reports over the years as to exactly what the recording line-up for the album was. Jay Jay French, Eddie Ojeda and Mark "The Animal" Mendoza are all credited in their normal roles but some or all of the guitars and bass were recorded by credited guest musician Reb Beach.
Looking back now "Love Is For Suckers", whilst not reaching quite up to the bands early rabble rousing, street fighting, brash and over the top standards of early releases still makes a great noise! Sounding more aggressive and eager to amend previous misdemeanors, Snider and Co. deliver an album containing more than a few stand out, trade mark Twisted Sister anthems.
So, here we have a lost classic and one of the best and most overlooked Rock albums of the late 80's!!
Re-edition includes four bonus tracks!
Atlantic Records/Armoury Records/Eagle Rock Entertainment, 1987/2011 (ARMCD530 / GAS 0000530 AMY). Made in Germany.

1. Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant)     4:20
2. Hot Love     3:33      
3. Love Is For Suckers     3:25
4. I'm So Hot For You     4:05
5. Tonight     3:52
6. Me And The Boys     3:52
7. One Bad Habit     3:17
8. I Want This Night (To Last Forever)     4:19
9. You Are All That I Need     4:17
10. Yeah Right     3:13 
Bonus Tracks:
11. Feel Appeal     3:19
12. Statutory Date     3:11
13. If That's What You Want     4:25
14. I Will Win     3:29
Total playing time: 52:37


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